The Best Team Management Tools for Your Business

Team management tools are important in helping with project management, team organization, and communication needs.
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Since Foonkie Monkey(link is external) was founded at 2010, one of the most important organizational objectives was – and still is – to offer every collaborator the opportunity to work remotely. Scrum was the basis for implementing optimum project management. Scrum emphasizes an agile framework, where team members break their work into smaller actions, or “sprints.”  Its basic principles are empirical process control, self-organization, collaboration, value-based prioritization, time-boxing, and iterative development. The real challenge, however, was to find the right tools and the right way to use them. Below are 3 tools that help teams stay organized:
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Microsoft Kaizala

Slack Helps Teams Communicate

You need to find a centralized space where the entire team can easily send messages to one another and share files and links. Slack(link is external) is my choice, as this chat tool lets you create or easily join different workspaces. In each workspace, it has channels that allow users to create different chat rooms by topic.

Foonkie Monkey Slack

The user experience (UX) of Slack is quite good, even on the free version. The main additional feature of paid plans(link is external) is video conferences. Slack makes company communication easy. you would like to see Health and Fitness App Developers

Trello Improves Task Management

  • The best tool for task management is Trello(link is external)
  • On Trello, you create boards for each project.
  • You can add as many team members as desired to the boards.
Foonkie Monkey Trello
On each board, you create lists of every stage of a task’s progress. Finally, you create a card for each individual task. Each card can have a title, description, and member(s). Files and links can be attached, and related members can add comments.

You can also integrate Slack with Trello, so you can sync your communication and task management.

Both Slack and Trello are already very popular and have larger user bases because of their easy access, good UX/UI, and multiplatform convenience.

However, there are other revolutionary tools that will integrate functionalities for any kind and size of team management and ones that allow developers to personalize them, especially Microsoft Kaizala.

Microsoft Kaizala Combines Communication and Task Management

Microsoft Kaizala(link is external) is an Office 365 tool that helps manage organizations and teams of any size.

It has 4 main features:

  • Simple-to-use chat interface
  • Custom Kaizala Actions
  • Tools for developers
  •  Management portal
Management Tools 3
  • The way users interact with the platform is through a mobile app with a simple-to-use-chat interface.
  • Similar in UX to WhatsApp, you can register for Kaizala using your mobile number, and you can have as many contacts as needed.
  • Kaizala offers the ability to create and join groups, and capabilities to send images, videos, links, and voice messages are supported.
  • Organizations can create a management portal and work group and allow employees to join.

Kaizala Custom Actions

  • Kaizala Actions are surveys, jobs, polls, etc. that can be sent and interacted with in a chat context. They help improve interaction among coworkers
  • For example, you can assign a job/task to a user. You will see the “Creation View” of the job, where you describe the job and establish the date and time to be completed.
  • The user responsible for the job will have the ability to update the job status, which will then notify you. All this happens in a chat context.
  • This combines the communications aspect of Slack with the task management tools of Trello and adds announcements, polls, surveys, checklists, meetings schedules, and quizzes – all in one easy-to-use chat app.
Management tools Foonkie

Kaizala Custom Actions feature two levels of customization – one  is working with customized templates, and the other is to develop a new Custom Action with web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


You can even think about the Custom Actions beyond a team management tool, such as a customer service platform, where you can directly interact with your customers and offer the Kaziala Actions that you have created for them, all in a chat context.

Kaizala Webhooks

With Webhooks(link is external), you will be notified of any action that users take on your Kaizala pages.

Your system can handle all of that information to measure your team’s analytics, groups performances, projects predictions, and more.

Management Tools 2

On the Management Portal, Kaizala administrators can create, edit, manage, and delete groups as well as customize actions and users.

Management Tools 1

In the analytics section, an entire set of reports and insights are presented. This is where Kaizala managers can check on the behavior of their team, the results of different tests, and Kaizala Actions.

Microsoft Kaizala is the future of team task management and communication. 

Find the Best Team Management Tool

There are very interesting options for team management tools, especially Slack, Trello, and Kaizala.

However, it is very important to research what you need to satisfy your project’s and organization’s needs, so you can have an idea about what tool fits your company best.

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