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Discovery and Planning for Mobile App & Custom software creation

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Mobile App & Software

Product design:

Since 2010, we've created the most outstanding UX and UI designs for our Apps. The process includes Understanding the Problem (User personas, User journey maps, and Empathy maps), UX Research, Low-Fidelity Prototyping (Wireframing), High-Fidelity Prototypes, Usability Testing, and Design Handoff.

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Mobile App & Software

Architecture and technology definitions:

As a part of the planning process: Software Requirements Analysis, Software Quality Attributes selection, System Architecture selection and configuration, Operating System(s) selection, Programming Language(s) selection, Software Development Tools selection, Software Methodology selection, Software Library Reuse selections, High-Level Architecture Diagram, Component Diagrams, Class Diagrams, and Sequence Diagrams.

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Mobile App & Software

Technical requirements:

Product Scope, User Needs, User Stories, Assumptions and Dependencies, Functional and non-funcional Requirements, External Interface Requirements, and System Features.

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Mobile App & Software:

Roadmap Creation:

Researching and building context around the product planning, which includes the definition of the desired outcomes and feature prioritization, timeline definition, and last but not least, breaking down large epics into refined tasks along with the development team.

Mobile App & Sofware Implementation and deployment

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A team full of expert monkey-samurais developers with full ability to code for:

· Backend:

With ample knowledge on programming languages such as on JavaScript, Python, C# and PHP, and taking advantage of frameworks for each of theses languages, like Node.JS and Express, django, ASP.NET and finally Laravel, respectively. Knowledge in Relational and non relational databases such as SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, CosmosDB and DocumentDB. All of this supported by Cloud providers like AWS and Windows Azure. With focus on API creation based on REST or Real Time Communication with Micro-Services or Monoliths.

· Web Frontend:

Specialized in the most used Web App frameworks for SPAs (Single Page Applications) and PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) React and Vue.js, and with deep knwoledge in HTML5 (HTML, CSS and JavaScript), and CSS frameworks/libraries like Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap and Material UI.

· Mobile app:

With focus on multi-platform development with Flutter, React Native and .NET MAUI (Previously Xamarin), but still with deep knowledge in Native iOS (Swift/SwiftUI) and Android (Kotlin/Jetpack Compose) development.

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QA testing:

Our team will complete several steps to guarantee that the product is up to par with your expectations, among them, we can find the requirements analysis process, test plans and test cases definition, tests execution (functional and non-functional testing, UI/UX Testing, Automated tests, security testing), and test cycle closure.

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Alongside with you, we come up with a plan following good practices to deploy and distribute your product, this is related to the steps and processes to deploy and maintain software applications and includes the deployment design, test windows, release schedules, and products deployment. All of this integrated into the software development pipeline to comply with an Agile method of building products.

Mobile App & Sofware maintenance and support

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Corrective Software Maintenance:

Correcting software defects, errors, and faults (Bugs).

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Evolutive Software Maintenance:

Update software to new changes on operating systems, software dependencies, hardware, cloud storage, and new desired requirements. Improve the user experience with new features in response to customer feedback.

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Preventive Software Maintenance:

To adapt the software improving maintainability and stability through code optimization, restructuring, and documentation updates.