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Pharma laboratory Web solution NU Image Labs.

Software development Solution

NU Image Labs.

This key client needed to transform and re-create his web solution to present all products and brands different and better from his competitors. The Arts and design team delivered an excellent, fluent and intuitive User Experience design (UX) and a beautiful User Interface design (UI), by analyzing each priority and expectations from the client and final users. The Programing and IT team accepted the challenge to create a Web App mixing the implementation of advanced Parallax animations and excellent performance, it was possible by using last generation technologies as Tailwind CSS, React.js, HTML5, JQuery, and PHP frameworks as Laravel to integrate with the supplied APIs. The Scrum methodology allows us to present constant deliverables, and the Nearshore team that we offered, worked fluently in continuous communication with the client.

The process

to succeed

UI / UX Design

Creation of all design components. Which includes the Art direction, Wireframes, mockups, non-functional prototypes (Invision or Marvel), and User Interface Design.

Nearshore Software Development

Software development team in the same client time zone. This includes Frontend developers, Backend developers, Mobile App developers (Cross-platform and Native), Blockchain developers, AI developers, Product Owners, and Scrum Masters.

QA and testing

Automated and Manual QA and testing procedures working with platforms as Katalon, Appium, App Center, etc. To accomplish all functional and non-functional requirements.


User interface (UI) / User Experience (UX)

 We were challenged to create an out of the box experience and design for the users without loosing the credibility of the brand, and showing in a professional way all prpoducts and services.

Pharma laboratory Web solution User interface (UI) / User Experience (UX)
Pharma laboratory Web solution Architecture and programming

Software Development

Architecture and programming

Our Software development team designed the architecture following the art requirements with the right performance to let the Web App look great but also interact with the user very fluently. The technologies decided to work were Tailwind CSS, HTML5, Laravel, PHP, JQuery, Javascript, which gave the product a great equilibrium between an excellent look and feel, and a great functional and non-functional display.

Software Development

Development methodology, QA, and Testing.

The scrum methodology is our preference. A scrum master handles the development internally, and a Product Owner is involved to guarantee constant communication and potentialize the product as much as possible. We work with Azure DevOps (DevOps platforms), to transparently track the progress to every stakeholder. We implement Manual and Automatic QA and testing procedures for functional and non-functional requirements. We work with Postman, Selenium, and Azure DevOps to report any issues, errors, or considerations.

Pharma laboratory Web solution Development methodology, QA, and Testing.

This Software

solution helped to

Increase the traffic

Increase the traffic and number of sold products in a 30 %

Customer Opinion:

"The team has impressive scheduling and communication skills. They process demanding requirements to deliver quality results." Operations Manager, Nu Image Medical

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