An outsourcing OffShore service with our

¡Shared Responsibility!

that guarantees the quality of an OnShore.

With more than ten years of experience in software development and focused on mobile and cloud solutions for the health and banking sector, Foonkie Monkey offers Offshore and IT consultancy services with shared responsibilityWe allow you to count on expert staff in software development and IT consulting, with a high level of professionalism, due to the high level of professionalism, sharing the same corporate culture and language.

We are aware that software development is measured in results and not only in working hours. That is why we offer shared responsibility in the objectives set at the beginning of the project. If the development is not finished in the agreed schedule, we will reduce the cost by 50% until the objective is met.



Agile communication

All our team members speak fluent English and use the same professional communication tools used in the market: Slack, Trello, Jira, Jenkins, Visual Studio Team Services, google meet, Microsoft Kaizala, among others.

Same Objectives

Transparent monitoring of DevOps tools and therefore Synchronization in the objectives​

Our team uses the same project management tools that are used professionally: Jira, Visual Studio Team Services, Jenkins, Bitbucket, Gitlab, among others.

Cost efficient

Cost optimization

With qualified and experienced professional team members, we charge reasonable hourly rates.

academic level

Academic level

Our team members have a professional university degree with at least 5 years in universities with international recognition.



After working on more than 100 projects with teams from different latitudes, we know that our staff is trained to be transparent and practical. And in this way can adapt agilely to the corporate culture of your company.

best practices

Best practices as a standard

All our team works based on the best practices in software development.

Timeline Optimization

By working with people who are passionate about their work and with a great sense of responsibility, who manage your same organizational culture, work calendar, and communication methods, time optimization is a reality.


US Labor Calendar

We handle the same US labor calendar. Then, the projects will not suffer delays due to local holidays.


Talent in expansion

Colombia has been positioning itself for several years as a growing power in software development. Adding the efforts to be ahead and stand out for the quality in service, creativity, and proactivity. You will have an army of ninja developers with the ability to change the world!


¡Shared Responsibility!

Additionally, the more time you hire the staff, the more the cost will be reduced.