Mobile Solution For An Important Cardiology Foundation

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Software development Solution

Colombian Society of Cardiology.

The Colombian Society of Cardiology identified it is common that healthcare professionals are not diagnosing the right prescription for atrial fibrillation disease and some other medical conditions.

We created a mobile app that allows interacting intuitively with an algorithm created by one of the most important cardiologists in Latin America for the management of oral anticoagulation in patients with Atrial Fibrillation. The process is very simple, where the users need to follow single steps and add information from the patient like age and weight, and the result is the advised prescription for the related patient.

Software development Solution - Soc. Colombiana de Cardiología

The process to succeed

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Technical (IT) Consultancy

We helped with all processes related to the planning and definition of the product. Brainstorming procedures, Technical outlines, business model examination, and creation of the technical requirements were the steps we followed.

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UI / UX Design

Creation of all design components, which includes the Art direction, Wireframes, mockups, non-functional prototypes (Invision or Marvel), and User Interface Design for mobile apps, web app, and the administrative consoles

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Software Development

Nearshore Software development team in the same client time zone for the construction of the MVP and further preventive, corrective, and evolutive maintenance. We included software architects, iOS app developers, Android App developers, Product Owner, and Scrum Master


QA and testing

Automated and Manual QA and testing procedures working with platforms as Katalon, Appium, and App Center to accomplish all functional and non-functional requirements.

IT Consultancy - Soc. Colombiana de Cardiología

IT Consultancy

Planning and technical requirements definitions

Discern the need in-depth, then we carry out a joint process with the client, where it is possible to potentiate, complement, redefine, and arrive at a viable and effective technological approach, from the following steps and iterations:

1. Definition of product priorities.

2. Definition of the high-level requirement of the product.

3. Definition of the technical viabilities and external elements for the product to be used (technological allies, APIs, libraries, frameworks) and technologies to use.

Deliverable: Product documentation at a high level. Collaborating team profile: IT Senior consultant, Innovation Consultant.

Detailed definition of all the functional and non-functional characteristics that the final product must contain, along with its acceptance criteria and technical details on desirable technologies to develop the product.

Deliverable: Document of functional, non-functional requirements, and user stories. Collaborating team profile: Engineer specialized in requirement analysis.


User interface (UI) / User Experience (UX)

We created the user experience and user interface for the mobile app, web app, and Administrative console aligned with the client’s expectations, best practices, and preferences.

User interface (UI) / User Experience (UX) - Soc. Colombiana de Cardiología
Architecture and programming - Soc. Colombiana de Cardiología

Software Development.

Architecture and programming

Our Software development team designed the architecture following the scalability, arts, and client requirements, looking for the best performance to the web app and administrative console.

The technologies selected to work with were Xcode, and Android Studio. They gave the product a great equilibrium between an excellent look and feel, and a great functional and non-functional display.

Nearshore Software Development

Development methodology, QA, and Testing.

The Scrum methodology is our preference. A scrum master handles the development internally, and a Product Owner is involved to guarantee constant communication and potentialize the product as much as possible. We work with Azure DevOps (DevOps platforms), to transparently track the progress to every stakeholder.

We implement Manual and Automatic QA and testing procedures for functional and non-functional requirements. We work with Postman, Selenium, and Azure DevOps to report any issues, errors, or considerations.

Nearshore Software Development - Soc. Colombiana de Cardiología

What our client say about us

Former CEO, Colombian Cardiology Association

" They Understood The Concepts And Translated Everything Quickly Into The App. "

- Former CEO, Colombian Cardiology Association -