Mobile And Web Fintech Solution With Blockchain

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Software development Solution

USA Fintech Company.

People often experience latencies and transactional issues when sending and receiving money between different countries, as is the case between the USA and Latin America.

The management of the public blockchain network was one of the challenges because of the latencies produced by the Ethereum network. Another challenge was the integration with the exchange systems since there are many options, but almost none gave us the features needed. Finally, user experience was a key detail, we had to offer a mobile application and web application very easy to use, very clear in processes, so the users won’t misunderstand and get lost.

We delivered a secure and high-performance solution, where users interact with great user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). All the benefits of a Blockchain were implemented (security, immutability, and traceability). It was necessary to create a queue transaction management to give each transaction one attempt at a time to be processed. Finally, we had to integrate with the exchange platform that matched our demands and develop some extra components so that it became possible to fulfill the business model.

Software development Solution - Chinchin

The process to succeed

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Technical (IT) Consultancy

We helped with all processes related to the planning and definition of the product. Brainstorming procedures, Technical outlines, business model examination, and creation of the technical requirements were the steps we followed.

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UI / UX Design

Creation of all design components. Which includes the Art direction, Wireframes, mockups, non-functional prototypes (Invision or Marvel), and User Interface Design for mobile apps, web app, and the administrative consoles.

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Software Development

Nearshore Software development team in the same client time zone for the construction of the MVP and further preventive, corrective, and evolutive maintenance. We included software architects, backend developers, iOS + Android App developers (Xamarin), Product Owner, and Scrum Master.


QA and testing

Automated and Manual QA and testing procedures working with platforms as Katalon, Appium, and App Center to accomplish all functional and non-functional requirements.

User interface (UI) / User Experience (UX) - Chinchin


User interface (UI) / User Experience (UX)

We created the user experience and user interface for the mobile app, web app, and Administrative console aligned with the client’s expectations, best practices, and preferences.

Nearshore Software Development

Architecture and programming

Our nearshore Software development team designed the architecture following the scalability, arts, and client requirements, looking for the best performance for the web app, mobile app, and administrative console with a high-performance backend solution.

The technologies decided to work were Amazon Web service (AWS), Dynamo DB, Java, Bootstrap, Ethereum, Solidity, Vue.js, HTML5, JQuery, Javascript, and Xamarin Native, which gave the product a great equilibrium between an excellent look and feel, and a great functional and non-functional display.

Architecture and programming - Chinchin
Development methodology, QA, and Testing - Chinchin

Nearshore Software Development

Development methodology, QA, and Testing.

The Scrum methodology is our preference. A scrum master handles the development internally, and a Product Owner is involved to guarantee constant communication and potentialize the product as much as possible. We work with Azure DevOps (DevOps platforms), to transparently track the progress to every stakeholder.

We implement Manual and Automatic QA and testing procedures for functional and non-functional requirements. We work with Postman, Selenium, and Azure DevOps to report any issues, errors, or considerations.


We offer three support levels

1. Corrective Maintenance: Focus to solve any errors or issues detected after the final release.

2. Preventive Maintenance: Focused on monitoring the optimal functioning of the Apps on new OS versions or mobile devices, also monitoring the Structure and cloud services implemented to prevent any malfunctioning or App break down.

3. Evolutive Maintenance: Focused on attending new requirements from the client to improve the functionality of the product or create new utilities.

Maintenance - Chinchin

What our client say about us

Administrative Director, Tecnológica Colombia SAS

" While The Work Is Still In Progress, FOONKIE MONKEY Delivers A High-Quality Product And Strong Expertise In Their Field. They Excel In Guiding The Development With Excellent Problem-Solving Skills. Their Professional Team Offers Excellent Communication And Short Response Times.They’re Great, Even With The Most Complex Themes. "

- Administrative Director, Tecnológica Colombia SAS -