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Software development Solution

Huawei Technologies

We are a software development partner for one of the biggest multinational technology companies in the world. We help them to create new products, promoting the App Gallery, and integrating the Huawei Mobile Services for Latin America and the Caribbean. We are in the process to promote the Huawei’s App Gallery, to create new apps, and to integrate market leader mobile apps in Latin America with the Huawei Mobile Services. That includes the nearshore software development services, and commercial operation services. Software development team estimation. With Cost Approach.

The process

to succeed

Software Development Service

A nearshore software development team located in the same client's time zone. Includes architects, Backend developers, front end developers, app developers, the Product Owner, and the Scrum Master (DevOps specialist).

QA and testing

Automated and Manual QA and testing procedures working with platforms as Katalon, Appium, and App Center to accomplish all functional and non-functional requirements.

Commercial Cooperation

Promote the Huawei Mobile Services for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Nearshore Software Development.

Architecture and programming.

Our Software development team designed the products for Mobile Apps following best practices for scalability, programming, and integration. The technologies selected to work with were Android Studio, Java, JavaScript. HMS Kits, React Native, Ionic, and Xamarin. We give to all products a great equilibrium between an excellent look and feel, and a fabulously functional and non-functional display.

Nearshore Software Development

Methodology, QA, and Testing.

The Scrum methodology is our preference. A scrum master handles the development internally, and a Product Owner is involved to guarantee constant communication and potentialize the product as much as possible. We work with Azure DevOps (DevOps platforms), to transparently track the progress to every stakeholder. We implemented Manual and Automatic QA and testing procedures for functional and non-functional requirements. We work with Postman, Selenium, and Azure DevOps to report any issues, errors, or considerations.

Pre-sale services

As a fundamental partner for Latin America and the Caribbean, we help with all commercial pre-sale services, focused on allowing to know to the market the benefits and ease of integration with HMS.

This Software

solution helped to



1.Interatting HSM with more than 100 mobile apps



2.Finding new ways to integrate HMS with new mobile technologies.

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