Alexa Serra  ·  November 23, 2020 

Foonkie Monkey Receives a Clutch Global Award!

Clutch recognizes Foonkie Monkey as one of the top 1000 companies of 2020! Our clients are our top priority, and they say we deliver!

Clutch recognizes Foonkie Monkey as one of the top 1000 companies of 2020! Our clients are our top priority, and they say we deliver!

Due to the vastness of talent and proficiency that currently floods the software development market, standing out can be quite a challenge. The ever-growing demand for software development solutions means that clients now face the strenuous task of selecting a developer that meets their needs. Enter us.

At Foonkie Monkey, we never stop working hard to deliver software products that satisfy our clients’ needs and consequently propelling all their digital endeavors forward. Our budding client base goes hand-in-hand with our growth as a company, and now thanks to Clutch, we’ve got the opportunity to reflect on our success, acknowledge the priceless opinions of our clients, and…well, gloat!

Top 1000 companies Clutch, Foonkie Monkey

The Relevance of Clutch

Clutch is a B2B research firm that matches businesses with service providers and ranks companies according to their market presence, level of expertise, and outstanding customer reviews.

Clutch rankings are determined by evaluating and analyzing the following:

  • Quality and quantity of verified client reviews
  • The recency of verified client reviews
  • Offered services
  • Portfolio of clients
  • Brand reputation
  • Visibility in its target market

“As a member of the Clutch 1000, these companies represent the top tier of service providers on our platform,” said Clutch Founder Mike Beares. “With an impressive array of projects and clientele, superior knowledge, and attentive, detail-oriented customer service, these companies have established themselves as industry leaders both locally and in the global B2B market.”

Foonkie Monkey

We are in the top 1000!

Because of our avant-garde, high-quality software products, and the broadness of our team’s experience, we have earned a spot in Clutch’s global 1000 top companies. The coveted award comes after being recognized by Clutch as one of the best Colombian developers for three years in a row! Here’s what Foonkie’s CCO and co-founder, Carlos Rosales has to say:

“We are beyond thrilled to be recognized as a part of Clutch’s 1000 top leaders! Our priority has always been creating high-quality, award-winning software products that take our customers’ digital market to the next level. To see the reflection of this on our client reviews and get recognized for it makes us proud beyond words.”

Our Experience

Our 4.9-star rating and over 30 verified reviews on Clutch are a testament to our ten years of experience in the industry. We have never stopped working hard towards building a wholesome company that’s always at the forefront of the software development market. With 200 apps, 3000 downloads per day, and more than 100 custom software solutions in more than 15 countries worldwide, we at Foonkie Monkey combine last generation technologies like Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and AI to create cost-efficient, intuitive and inventive app and software solutions.

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs, goals, and business structure to build the custom IT products that have led to their success, and consequently, to ours. Being rewarded for all our efforts constitutes a milestone for our company and inspires us to keep thriving and do our part to propel our industry forward.

Thank you!

Lastly, special thanks go out to our valued clients for recognizing and acknowledging our constant efforts at delivering groundbreaking, innovative digital products. We look forward to growing, learning, and honoring our spot as a leader in our industry.

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