Foonkie Monkey Made Clutch’s Top 5 Health and Wellness App Developers!

Once more, Clutch has recognized Foonkie Monkey as a top app developer, and we couldn’t be more proud. This time, we have been included in their Top 15 Health & Wellness App Developers!

We know how hard it can be for an app development company to stand out and mark its presence among the sea of talent currently available in the industry. With smartphone proliferation and the growing need for mobile health solutions, apps are sprouting left and right, and climbing to the top is now more challenging than ever. Additionally, balancing successful operations with top-notch processes while also delivering innovative, high-quality healthcare apps is no easy feat. Here’s where Foonkie Monkey comes in as one of the top 5 health and wellness app developers

We specialize in building world-class healthcare apps and software solutions fitted for companies of all sizes across the globe. We have strived to transform ideas into groundbreaking solutions designed to disrupt and push our clients’ businesses forward for ten years. As a result of our outstanding work, we have been recognized as a top app developer by Clutch! Clutch is a B2B research firm that ranks the top market leaders’ performance. This time, we have been included in their Top 5 Health and Wellness App Developers!

Why Is This A Big Deal?

Clutch is a market research platform known for its unique rating methodologies. They provide a broad understanding of the top-performing development companies in a specific market or industry. Clutch translates this into Leaders Matrices where the order is based on reviews, past work, company size, market presence, and specialization in a given industry. Moreover, Clutch analysts cut through disorganized market research and collect unbiased client reviews, feedback, and industry data. This way, they can determine the top companies that meet their standards and deserve a spot on their coveted lists.

For Foonkie Monkey, meeting these criteria and passing their strict filters to make their top app developers lists, not once but several times and in the specific industry we specialize in is a milestone. Clutch’s site lists more than 150.000 development agencies, 36.000 reviews, and 100 survey reports, so the competition is fierce. Standing out among such a big pool of talent is very rewarding for us and highlights the fact that our mobile health solutions are on par with the highest standards on app development worldwide.

How Does a Clutch Leaders Matrix Work?

Clutch’s Leaders Matrices are interactive graphs based on two top criteria: ability to deliver and focus. Their ability to deliver criteria includes the company’s client reviews, past work, market presence, and other prestigious awards. Their focus criteria are based on a company’s level of specialization in a specific area, industry, or service. 

Clutch’s Leader Matrices organize companies across four quadrants: 

  • Market Leaders (top right): Strongest ability to deliver, high focus on the specific service, positive client feedback. 
  • Proven Leaders (top left): Strong ability to deliver, low focus on the specific service, and positive client feedback. 
  • Niche Leaders (bottom right): Moderate ability to deliver, high focus on the specific service, and positive client feedback.
  • Emerging Leaders (bottom left): Moderate ability to deliver, low focus on the specific service, and positive client feedback.

Foonkie Monkey made top right in the Market Leaders Quadrant, and we were placed second on their list, so this is a big deal for us! We also have a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating on their platform, with 31 positive reviews from our amazing clients. 


Our Experience as a Top Healthcare and Wellness App Development Partner

We are one of the most awarded app development and custom software development companies in Latin America and the Caribbean. We have created more than 200 apps with 3000 downloads per day and more than 100 custom software solutions in more than 13 countries worldwide during our ten years of experience in the industry. Our growing client list comprises prestigious international companies in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Latin America. Working with companies from different backgrounds and cultures has enriched us immensely and has made us the groundbreaking, innovative company we are today. 

Beyond being an app development company, we are a development partner whose top priority is to meet our clients’ expectations and help their businesses move in the right direction. We work closely with our clients to pinpoint their specific needs, meet their goals, and understand their business structure to build the perfect custom IT product for them. Our business practices are focused on cross-disciplinary methodologies that guarantee cost-efficiency and innovation in all of our development processes. Additionally, our custom app and software solutions are created using last-generation technologies like Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and AI. 

Thank You!

Every recognition we receive wouldn’t be possible without our fantastic staff. Foonkie Monkey would’ve never made it this far if it weren’t for our multidisciplinary talented staff members that give it their all every day and love every single part of their job. Our clients are also a big part of our success, and they are who inspire us to keep thriving and do our part as industry leaders. Having a positive impact on the development of their businesses is what we are all about!

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