Alexa Serra  ·  September 7, 2022 

Foonkie Monkey is recognized as a top B2B service provider! 

We’re thrilled to announce yet another award! This time, The Manifest has recognized Foonkey Monkey as an awardee in their 2022 Colombia Manifest awards!

We’re thrilled to announce yet another award! This time, The Manifest has recognized Foonkey Monkey as an awardee in their 2022 Colombia Manifest awards!

It’s no secret that our world is currently flooded with IT-based products that keep popping up left and right as modern technologies get more innovative and widespread. Don’t get us wrong; this phenomenon is a good thing! Mobile and software apps are our daily bread, and the more they evolve and get adopted, the bigger our chances to shine. Still, we are also very aware of the fact that with this growth in mobile app users–which has reached 5.22 billion – also comes an increase in the demand for better, faster, and more efficient IT-based products. And here’s where the top developers get their chance to stand out.

We’ve been in the mobile and software app development game for over ten years now, and we know how challenging it can be to shine and make a difference in the highly competitive development arena. Nonetheless, we also know that by implementing top-notch development methodologies, hiring first-class professionals, and delivering innovative and beautiful products every time, we can remain relevant in an industry we thrive in. And that’s why The Manifest has recognized us as one of Colombia’s most recommended B2B solutions providers for 2022!

Why are we so excited?

Why are we so excited?

We’ve been blessed with being one of our industry’s most awarded development partners. Yet, every time we get recognized for our expertise and for all the hard work and dedication we always put into every product is just as exciting as the first. So this time, we’re thrilled that The Manifest, as a product of their research and analysis, identified the most recommended B2B service providers in Colombia, and guess what? We’re one of them. In fact, we’re in the top two!

One of our top reviewers said:

“They implemented our design easily, and the overall look turned out much better than we anticipated.”

“The power of trust unlocks milestones unimaginable. The trust between these leaders and their clients is one for the books,” said Clutch Growth Operations Specialist Jamie Kenny. “The Manifest is proud to celebrate the commitment, hard work, and passion of Colombia’s finest!”

The Manifest is an independent B2B business guide website powered by Clutch that gathers, analyses, verifies, and organizes data to help companies reach their goals. They take all the complex data product of their research and, coupled with expert wisdom and actionable advice; they deliver insights that help businesses make informed decisions. This way, The Manifest aspires to become a haven where companies can find answers to their questions by getting access to surveys from industry experts, decision-makers, and everyday consumers.

Additionally, The Manifest gathers information about its users’ projects, provides a consultation, matches users with businesses that may meet their needs, and connects them so that both user and company can get acquainted and start what will hopefully become a long-lasting relationship. Lastly, their visitors have access to business services, news, trends, and success stories, all with the purpose of helping companies thrive, grow and become all that they can be.

As a result of their research and insight-gathering expertise, The Manifest created their Most Reviewed Company Award for Colombian B2B providers, which honors those companies who have received the most reviews in the past year and have provided outstanding services that ended in meaningful partnerships with their clients. That means that The Manifest considers Foonkie Monkey not only one of the most reviewed Colombian app development companies but also one of the aptest at creating long-lasting business relationships with our clients. So yeah, this award is a massive deal for us!

Why is Foonkey Monkey a top app developer?

But why is Foonkey Monkey a top app developer?

Our time has come to gloat a bit! In the course of our ten+ years of experience, we have amassed a skillset that has made us one of the most awarded app development and custom software development companies in Latin America and the Caribbean. Since our inception, we’re proud to have developed over 200 mobile products and over 100 custom software applications, all of which are downloaded over 3000 times daily in over 13 countries across the globe. These solutions help our budding client base, which spans all across Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Latin America, thrive and remain relevant in their increasingly competitive industries.

In addition to working with different projects in different industries, we also offer nearshore and offshore services, both of which have led us to work with companies of various sizes, different backgrounds, and a myriad of cultures. As a result, our cross-disciplinary DevOps team has gained extensive experience and enriched our company immensely, making Foonkie Monkey the innovative, highly competitive, and groundbreaking company we have become.

“Getting constantly recognized for our efforts and experience is one of the most rewarding aspects of being in this business. It makes us feel like all the hard work done by our team members every day is constantly paying off.” — said Camilo Paez, Chief Executive Officer of Foonkie Monkey.

Every recognition is a massive deal for us, and none of them would be possible without our marvelous staff members. Foonkie Monkey is the sum of its parts. We would’ve never made it this far without our incredibly talented, multidisciplinary, accomplished team of developers, engineers, designers, managers, writers, and all the people who make up the family that is our company.

Last but definitely not least, big thanks to our clients, who are the other half of the Foonkie Monkey family and are pivotal to our success. Thank you for trusting and inspiring us to keep thriving in making all your dreams come true.

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