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Foonkie Monkey Is Included In Clutch’s 1000 Global Companies For 2022!

We’re beyond proud and incredibly excited to have made it into Clutch’s top 1000 global companies for 2022!

We’re beyond proud and incredibly excited to have made it into Clutch’s top 1000 global companies for 2022! We couldn’t be more thrilled to have this year’s hard work recognized!

We are currently at the gates of 2023, and at the rate modern technology keeps advancing, we’re confident this new year will bring forth unparalleled innovation on the app development front. Still, and whatever happens next year, at this point in time, we can’t deny it: businesses of all sizes and everyday people like you and me absolutely need those little bits of technology known as apps to help us perform our daily tasks. Mobile apps have become lifelines; they have completely changed how we interact with technology to the point where users have become much more demanding of what they can do. As a result, we app developers have our work cut out for us as the app development ecosystem is becoming an increasingly competitive industry. Don’t get us wrong; this phenomenon is a very good thing! Mobile and software apps are our daily bread, and the more the market evolves, the bigger our chances to shine. And shining we are!

We’ve been in the mobile and software app development game for over eleven years now. We’ve learned, grown, and have come to understand just how challenging it can be to stand out and make a difference in the highly competitive mise en scène that is the development arena.

However, we’ve also come to recognize an undeniable truth: implementing top-notch development methodologies, hiring first-class professionals, and delivering innovative and beautiful products every time is a failsafe way to remain relevant in an industry that evolves and changes constantly.

So, by following that simple truth and making innovation and professionalism our north, we’ve managed to make Clutch’s top 1000 global companies for 2022!

What’s Clutch?

But what’s Clutch?

Clutch is a leading ratings and reviews platform and marketplace for IT, marketing, and business service providers. Clutch provides an accurate and detailed understanding of who and where the top development companies worldwide are and what industry they excel in. They also build outstanding monthly and yearly rankings to help their million customers, who are both buyers and sellers of services, choose the best provider to make their projects and ideas come true.

To build these guides and rankings, Clutch uses real data such as verifiable user reviews (which now surpass the 98,000 mark), testimonials, case studies, past work and projects, company size, market presence, and specialization in a given industry to determine which companies are worthy of their appreciation. Then, their analysts take all this information, do extensive research, and draw valuable data-driven insights from it to determine the top companies that meet their criteria and standards and thus deserve a spot on one of their coveted lists.

What does Clutch’s recognition mean?

What does Clutch’s recognition mean?

Clutch has finally released its 1000 global companies for 2022 list, and Foonkie Monkey has landed a spot in the top 80! The B2B rating company gave us the honor to occupy such a high spot on this list thanks to meeting four critical criteria:

  1. Number, quality, and recency of verified client reviews
  2. Selection of clientele and portfolio of work
  3. Robust company profile with competitive specializations and considerable experience
  4. Strong brand awareness and industry recognition

After analyzing these criteria and following their research methodology (and after a challenging year’s work aimed at building this list), Clutch determined that our company made enough merits, gathered enough reviews, and met their criteria to deserve a place in one of their most coveted rankings.

On this recognition, Clutch’s Head of Marketing, Katie Hollar, said:

“According to a recent Clutch survey of over 1,800 B2B service providers, 93% of respondents say that they use online reviews to generate social proof and trust in their work.” “Our platform provides buyers of B2B services with over 140,000 verified peer reviews to make well-informed decisions about the right external firms to partner with for their business needs.”

Also, Clutch’s site features over 150.000 development agencies, 36.000 reviews, and 100 survey reports, so standing out and being in the top 80 of such a massive talent pool is the best demonstration of how robust and innovative our mobile solutions are. It also means that we are on par with the best companies worldwide and meet the highest standards for app developers worldwide. So yeah, this is very thrilling for us!

Our way to the top

Our way to the top

For us, it’s a huge deal to meet Clutch’s strict criteria, and it’s a milestone to have amassed such an amount of skills and positive reviews to have made their top 1000 global companies list. We’ve been working towards excellence for almost eleven years now. With more than 200 apps developed, 3000 downloads on both Apple’s app store and Google Play, and hundreds of happy clients across more than 15 countries worldwide, we’ve managed to become well-known for making innovative and groundbreaking products that change people’s lives.

More than ten years ago, our two co-founders, Camilo Paez and Carlos Rosales had the clear goal of creating a company that thrived in making ideas come true. Since then, Foonkie Monkey has been known for delivering applications and custom software solutions that stand the test of time. All our products are one-of-a-kind, innovative, and cost-effective. They aim to provide unique experiences to users, which is one of the main reasons we stand out among the sea of talent that is the modern app development ecosystem. Similarly, our DevOps work methodology has allowed us to always ensure that our products are flawless and bulletproof, with unparalleled structural stability, high performance, and an exceptional user experience. As a result, our cross-disciplinary methodologies help us guarantee cost-efficiency and innovation in all of our development processes.

Still, none of our accomplishments would’ve been possible without our rockstar staff. We’ve consistently enforced dynamic hiring practices and a work culture that have given our company the privilege of working with a stellar team of professionals. Our team members are the cornerstone of our company, and we consider them an integral part of our success and who we are as an enterprise. They have a say in every decision we make as a company.

So, in conjunction with our co-founders’ vision, our incredible staff, our clients and their ideas, and the knowledge and experience we’ve amassed in 10 years, we can proudly say that each one of our products has a piece of uniqueness and humanity in them that makes them the beautiful, one-of-a-kind, and robust pieces of technology our clients adore!

Thank you!

Thank you!

We believe that remaining competitive isn’t about having thousands of clients, countless sophisticated products, or budgets of millions of dollars. For us at Foonkie Monkey, staying competitive lies in building cutting-edge, innovative, and visually stunning products that meet our users’ needs and deliver one-of-a-kind user experiences, regardless of how much they cost or how sophisticated they are. So, getting acknowledged for this is a milestone for us, and it wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing clients, their reviews, and our beyond-stellar staff members. Foonkie Monkey would’ve never made it this far if it weren’t for our rockstar team giving it their all every single day and loving every single part of their job. Having a clear vision, a fantastic team, and a solid client base is the best way to keep thriving and ensure we do our part for the app development industry and keep carrying the torch as industry leaders.

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