Alexa Serra  ·  December 6, 2021 

FOONKIE MONKEY Celebrates Clutch Award for 2021 Leading App Developer

Clutch has recognized Foonkie Monkey as one of the top Colombian app developer Leaders for 2021!

Clutch has recognized Foonkie Monkey as one of the top Colombian app developer Leaders for 2021!

For 11 years, FOONKIE MONKEY has been helping countless businesses and startups through cost-efficient and effective mobile and software solutions. Located in Miami, Florida, our team has successfully delivered over 200 masterful applications and more than 100 intricate software solutions that have helped enterprises, both small and large, to make their ideas a reality. In addition, we’ve strived to grow our reach to different countries all over the world and have successfully positioned ourselves as an innovative, robust, and trustworthy development company. Now, we’ve managed to secure a spot in another esteemed listing of a world-renowned ratings and reviews platform, and we couldn’t be more proud! We’ve won a Clutch award!

So, in honor of yet another amazing year for us, another turning point for our company, the entire FOONKIE MONKEY team is excited to announce that you can now find us on Clutch’s coveted 2021 top Colombian app development leaders ranking!

Celebrates Clutch 2021- Foonkey Monkey

This Is Exciting!

Clutch is the leading ratings and reviews platform for IT, marketing, and business service providers. They provide an accurate and detailed understanding of who and where the top development companies in the world are and what industry they perform in. As a result of their outstanding rankings, each month, over half a million buyers and sellers of services use the Clutch platform to choose the best developer to make their projects and ideas come true. Additionally, Clutch’s user base is growing over 50% a year! So yeah, getting a Clutch award is kind of a big deal!

Following their extensive research, Clutch determined that our company is among the highest-ranking application developers in Colombia! For us, it’s a very big deal to meet Clutch’s strict criteria, and it’s a milestone to have amassed such an amount of skills and positive reviews to have made their top Colombian app developers list. And, since Clutch’s site features over 150.000 development agencies, 36.000 reviews, and 100 survey reports, standing out among such a massive talent pool is a testament that our mobile solutions are tantamount to the best companies and the highest standards on app development worldwide. What a thrill this is for us!

Our Experience as A Top App Developer

Our Experience as A Top App Developer

Our nearly ten years of experience and over 300 products developed have positioned us as a leading global software and app development company. Our mobile products have over 3000 downloads per day and we have successfully shipped more than 100 custom software solutions in over 13 countries across the globe. Our budding client base comprises everything from startups and small enterprises to prestigious international companies across Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Latin America.

“For us, this recognition is the result of all the hard work done by our team members and how satisfied our clients are with our job.” — Chief Executive Officer of FOONKIE MONKEY

As a result of working with such diverse companies from different backgrounds and cultures, we have acquired a specific set of skills and the experience that has enriched us and positioned us as the innovative, awarded company we are today.

Huge thanks to each and everyone who made this possible! To our rockstar staff who strives to always deliver to their full potential and beyond, and to our amazing clients who make us who we are and have helped take us this far. Also, special thanks to Clutch for acknowledging all our hard work and giving us the chance to showcase our work on their amazing platform. Our company wouldn’t be here without the incredible support of everyone around us.

With 36 phenomenal reviews on Clutch, we’re proud to be an award-winning company because of our clients’ success. We’re grateful today and forever.

“Their attention and customer care are outstanding. They’ve shown their commitment and care to our business throughout the engagement.” — CEO, A la Mode Canine

“They proposed solutions and didn’t simply respond to what we asked. Instead, FOONKIE MONKEY always provided us with the best and efficient options.” — CEO, IT Company

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