Latin American Offshore Software Development for UK Startups

Modern technologies have paved the way for Latin American offshore developers to take their talent pool to a global scale. They can now broaden their scope by creating business relationships overseas. Business structures in today’s state-of-affairs are in constant evolution, and now more than ever, the need for offshore remoteness is at its all-time high. […]

enero 19, 2021 Alexa Serra

Beneficios del diseño de UX/UI con experiencia en tecnología para el desarrollo de aplicaciones

Proper UX/UI design is at the crux of customer satisfaction, and companies must understand the importance of hiring tech-focused designers to maximize user experience. With the introduction of modern digital business tools and the proliferation of online marketing, companies now need to create high-quality software products with good UX/UI design to ensure customer satisfaction. Securing user […]

enero 06, 2021 Alexa Serra

Herramientas de DevOps para Desarrollo de Software Eficiente

A DevOps approach to software and app development bridges gaps between teams and enhances product quality and faster delivery. There are numerous tasks and skills involved in the conceiving of applications and software products. The separation between processes, development, and operation teams creates gaps that hinder the efficiency and quality of IT products. Nevertheless, the […]

diciembre 14, 2020 Alexa Serra

Aplicaciones Enfocadas a la Salud: El Futuro de las Soluciones Móviles para la Salud

Healthcare apps have taken over accessibility and data traffic in the healthcare sector and have added value and efficiency to the connection between patients, doctors, laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies. The exponential growth of information technologies and the widespread evolution of digital trends have forced several service providers and business sectors to implement mobile solutions for […]

noviembre 27, 2020 Alexa Serra

Foonkie Monkey recibe un premio Clutch Global!

Clutch recognizes Foonkie Monkey as one of the top 1000 companies of 2020! Our clients are our top priority, and they say we deliver! Due to the vastness of talent and proficiency that currently floods the software development market, standing out can be quite a challenge. The ever-growing demand for software development solutions means that […]

noviembre 23, 2020 Alexa Serra

Cómo implementar exitosamente las prácticas de CI/CD en el desarrollo de software y aplicaciones

CI/CD practices, when properly implemented, bridge the gap between development teams and create the perfect DevOps environment for efficient and reliable software products.  In the modern business environment, where information moves at magnificent speeds, agility, and process optimization are paramount to delivering adequate IT services. Long and clumsy coding processes have stepped down to welcome […]

noviembre 13, 2020 Alexa Serra