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Custom Software and App development Team Calculator: So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and launch your startup. Or maybe you have been running your own company for a while, but never really put much interest into the digital aspects of your brand until recently, when the boom of digital media kindled your interest. For the past decade, the popularity of mobile device usage has grown exponentially. As of 2020, there are 3.5 billion smartphone users around the world, which has led to a massive proliferation of the popularity of apps and websites. In fact, according to the eCommerce Foundation, 88% of consumers turn to the internet to research and compare products before they make a purchase. 

Companies now have to seek monetary growth by venturing into the cyber world; the unique differentiation and credibility that a website or app brings to your brand are undeniable. Simply put, if you want your business to boom, you need to go digital.

Where to beggin?

El desarrollo web y de aplicaciones implica mucho más de lo que parece. Arquitectura de software, diseño de UI, diseño de UX, JavaScript, HTML, SEO, CSS ... ¿debo continuar? Si conoce la tecnología, probablemente ya esté listo, pero para el resto de nosotros, comprender cómo navegar por la red enmarañada de desarrollo de software y aplicaciones puede ser frustrante. ¿Puedo hacerlo solo? ¿Dónde empiezo? ¿A quién llamo? ¿Necesito un diseñador web? ¿Cuanto costara? Las interminables preguntas pueden ser desalentadoras y pueden ser fácilmente suficientes para disuadirlo de su nueva búsqueda de una presencia en línea relevante.

Luckily for digital newbies and savants alike, Foonkie Monkey cleverly designed the perfect tool to put all your insecurities to rest. In an ongoing quest to provide clear paths to success and high-end solutions for their clients, Foonkie Monkey, pioneers in software development, created the solution to all your technology-related uncertainties: The Software and App development Team Calculator. Esta herramienta útil e innovadora le permite ingresar información relevante sobre el estado de su proyecto, y luego agrupa todo lo que su aplicación o sitio web (o ambos) necesitarán para comenzar a funcionar sin problemas. ¿La mejor parte? No más reuniones de consulta que ocupan una gran parte de su tiempo, y no hay costos de consultoría ocultos que perjudiquen su presupuesto.

On this matter, and why the Team calculator was created, Camilo Páez CSO of Foonkie Monkey says:

“A common problem for companies, especially startups, when venturing into the digital world for the first time, is that most people don’t know where to begin. At Foonkie Monkey we understand that app and software development doesn’t come easy to everyone, it can be a complex idea for most, which is why we want to make things as easy to understand and hassle-free as possible for our potential customers from the get-go. We know that a lot of time, money, and energy go into consultation meetings, so we eliminated them and engineered a simpler, more efficient way of creating the building blocks for our long-term partnerships with our clients. Our goal is to lighten the initial burden on the client and take charge of every step of the development process. It truly is a win-win.”


But exactly, how does the Team Calculator Works?

Well, at Foonkie, the elegance of simplicity is taken very seriously so interaction with the Team Calculator is very straightforward. Simply go to Foonkie’s website and click on the Software and App development Team Calculator

There you will be prompted to answer some automated questions about your goals, previous experience, expectations, and ideas regarding your brand. After the initial questioning, and based on your answers, the system creates a complete list of professionals that will be working on the development of your new online platform. 

This list encompasses everything you’ll be needing, from art and design to coding and software architecture. Then, you enter your email address and receive a detailed quote and a checklist of the specific costs. The beauty of this tool is that it gives you a better understanding of the process, costs, resources, and team of qualified professionals that will play a critical role in the making of your brand’s new digital world. 


Who is this Team Calculator focused to?

Whether you are a tech savant or completely oblivious to the ways of the web, you’ll know exactly what you need and how much money you will spend without never even leaving the comfort of your own home. Oh, and did I mention it’s free? It truly is the easiest way to take the first steps into creating your startup’s new technological universe.

If you’re looking to get a better understanding of the manpower that goes into the development of a new tech product for your startup, but don’t know where to start, check out Foonkie’s Team Calculator, the perfect launchpad to propel your business forward, get answers to your questions, and put the most crucial parts of your new digital life in the most capable hands.


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