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By: Leonardo Moreno

Foonkie Monkey Insists That Creativity Is the way to find Success

Anna Stark

With years of experience in developing mobile app solutions, Foonkie Monkey was founded in 2011 and is based in Bogota, Cundinamarca. Since its inception, Foonkie Monkey has created more than 100 apps, with 2000 downloads per day (approx) on both renowned platforms – Android and iOS. Moreover, the company has served more than 100 clients around the […]

How to lead your team from a distance (or from the beach). (Update: In Covid-19 times).

Camilo Paez

Once I was talking to a friend about how it was possible that in the middle of 2018 (Update: 2020), people still continued to attend (forced) to an office for 8 hours to work sitting in front of a computer, if we have been fortunate enough to witness the appearance of the tool that has […]

Nuestro Co Fundador en entrevista en la Revista Semana

Carlos Rosales

El pasado 23 de Julio la Revista Semana publicó un importante articulo, donde Foonkie Monkey tuvo la oportunidad de compartir los aspectos mas relevantes a la hora de contemplar un emprendimiento de base tecnológica y como crear una App.  Estas son algunas de las recomendaciones La idea: Todo comienza con una. Para hacer un producto tecnológico no […]

Clutch Recognizes Foonkie Monkey as Leading App Developer

Press Editor

Foonkie Monkey is excited to announce our most recent award! Named as a Leading App Developer in Colombia and Latin America, Clutch recognizes Foonkie Monkey’s consistent ability to deliver satisfactory product and expertise in the app development field. As a company located in Colombia, specializing in mobile app development and custom software development, we are […]

The Importance of Sharing Responsibility in Nearshore App development Services

Camilo Paez

IT companies that offer outsourced nearshore app development services must understand the clues to truly attending clients, determining responsible estimations, and backing clients by sharing responsibility when necessary. Other ways to measure the general perception of responsibility are the corporate culture and how similar it is to the client’s country. Colombia has been improving this perception during […]

The Best Team Management Tools for Your Business

Camilo Paez

Team management tools are important in helping with project management, team organization, and communication needs.We are recognized as a top App Design & Development Company on DesignRush Since Foonkie Monkey(link is external) was founded at 2010, one of the most important organizational objectives was – and still is – to offer every collaborator the opportunity to work remotely. Scrum was […]

How to Avoid Headaches When Making a Mobile Application

Carlos Rosales

Succeed at making mobile applications requires deliberate research and understanding user perspective. Make sure your app concept is original, emphasizes user experience, and includes a marketing budget to help it succeed.   As we have lot of successes during our 10 years of experience making mobile applications at Foonkie Monkey. We also experienced development difculties. This article outlines […]