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A la Mode Canine

Pet Grooming App.

We created a mobile app to help connect pet management professionals with final customers.

One of the South Florida pet market leaders always wanted to find a way to offer pet services to final users effectively and efficiently. Together we created a tech platform of two mobile apps, one for pet groomers and the other for final users, to allow them to connect, schedule, track, and pay the services required for their pets. Also, we created all the cloud infrastructure, backend, and back-office components.

Pet Grooming app

The process to succeed

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Planning and discovery

We contributed with all processes related to the planning and the definition of the product, including brainstorming, research and establishments of technical aspects, business model analysis, creation of the technical specifications, and development plan (SCRUM).

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UI / UX Design

We assembled all design components. It includes the Art direction, wireframes, mockups, clickable prototypes (Figma). User Interface Design for the mobile apps, administrative Console, and web Frontend.

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Software Development

(Nearshore Software development crew): We included the CTO, Azure Architect, Mobile App developers, Web App developers, Backend developers, Product Owner, and Scrum Master.


QA and testing

We involved Automated and Manual QA and testing practices, working with platforms like Katalon, Kobiton, Selenium, Appium, K6, Specflow, and App Center to fulfill security, functional and non-functional specifications.

Discovery Phase - Pet Grooming app

Discovery Phase


Requirements and scope definitions

We recognize the requirements in-depth. Then, continue a reciprocal process with the customer to potentiate, balance, and redefine the desired product. Arrive at a viable and efficient technological approach is the main objective, following the next steps and iterations:

1. The characterization of the main product components.

2. Creation of the high-level specification of the product.

3. Definition of the technical tools and third-party elements for the product to be used (technological allies, APIs, libraries, frameworks, cloud) and technologies to be used.

The deliverable: High-level project documentation. The team involved: IT+business Senior consultant and Innovation Specialist. Then, we created a complete report of functional and non-functional requirements. The acceptance criteria and technical specifications on the chosen technologies to develop the product are the main goals to complete during this step.

Deliverable: Document of functional, non-functional requirements, and user stories. Collaborating team profile: Engineer specialized in requirement analysis.

Finally, we assembled a detailed development plan following the SCRUM methodology. We produce the sprints time laps and the specific user stories to perform per sprint. We generate a detailed timeline and deliverables for our client and upload the content to Azure DevOps.

Phone - Pet Grooming app
User Experience and User Interface - Pet Grooming app

Product Design. UX, UI.

User Experience and User Interface.

Our design team worked on the user experience design, wireframes, and user interface for the mobile apps, frontend, and administrative console, following the client’s feedback. We based on best practices and innovative ideas. We used FIGMA as one of the designing tools and combined the background and creativity of the art director, UX designers, and UI designers.

The result is a finished prototype that allows interacting users as the future product will. Also, all the design assets are exported and ready to be implemented by the development team.

Nearshore App Development Team.

Architecture and programming.

Our Software and App development team Created the AWS infrastructure following scalability, designs, and established requirements.

We included a Backend, App, and Frontend development team working in technologies like Microsoft.Net Core, SQL Server, Javascript frameworks like React.js, Typescript, and Xamarin Forms. We accompany these processes looking for the best performance and optimum security practices.

Architecture and programming - Pet Grooming app
Nearshore App Development - Pet Grooming app

Nearshore App Development.

SCRUM methodology, Quality Assurance, and Support level services.

SCRUM is our choice. A DevOps and Scrum Master specialist supervises the development, and a Product Owner is involved to ensure consistent communication and manage to have the best product. We work with Azure DevOps to transparently track its evolution to all stakeholders.

We enforce Manual and Automated QA and testing techniques for security, functional and non-functional specs. We work with Postman, Swagger, Selenium, K6, Specflow, and Azure DevOps to report any issues, errors, or concerns.

We offer three support level services:

1. Corrective Maintenance: to solve any errors or issues detected after the final release. This service is covered by our six months warranty, for free.

2. Preventive Maintenance: To scan the optimal functioning of the Apps on new OS versions or mobile devices. Also, watching the structure and cloud services implemented to prevent any malfunctioning or App break down.

3. Evolutive Maintenance: To attend to new requirements from the client to improve the functionality of the product or create new features.

Phone - Pet Grooming app

What our client say about us

CEO A la Mode Canine

" They've shown their commitment and care to our business throughout the engagement "

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