Big Data in Healthcare: The Future of Disease Management

Big data in healthcare is at the forefront of modern medical initiatives to tackle disease spread and improve patient outcomes. For the past decade, reactive medical research and passive healthcare delivery have evolved into preventative disease control driven by technological advancements. Chronic disease management is the fastest growing and most expensive problem for healthcare systems […]

febrero 23, 2021 Alexa Serra

Cómo elegir el desarrollador de aplicaciones de Salud adecuado

Digital healthcare initiatives are currently in full-force and choosing the right development partner can make or break the success of your mobile healthcare solution. Since the first modern smartphone, about 13 years ago, digital solutions for everyday use have grown exponentially. Especially this past year, healthcare app development has sneaked its way into becoming essential […]

febrero 17, 2021 Alexa Serra

Mejores Prácticas para Reforzar la Seguridad en Aplicaciones de Salud

The healthcare app proliferation we have witnessed these past years is a big win for the medical sector. However, security measures and overall data protection flaws need to be a priority, and the proper tools to enforce them need to be employed. The urgency to adopt technology as a propeller of successful business practices has […]

febrero 15, 2021 Alexa Serra

5 Formas de Mitigar la Pandemia Usando Big Data

In COVID times, Big Data can be the key to fighting the pandemic and creating new approaches and solutions for the proper functioning of healthcare systems across the globe. Healthcare systems and companies across the globe are undergoing an unprecedented paradigm shift because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pre-pandemic strategies were designed for the general functioning […]

febrero 01, 2021 Alexa Serra

Foonkie Monkey Entra En el Top 10 de Empresas de Desarrollo de Software Multiplataforma de Mobile App Daily!

At the forefront of the mobile application development industry, Foonkie Monkey has once again been included in a list of top cross-platform app developers in a recognized portal for reviewing and reporting development companies and trends. The mobile solutions market has had a staggering growth since the onset of the first mobile application. The emerging […]

enero 29, 2021 Alexa Serra

Desarrollo Offshore Latinoamericano para Startups del Reino Unido

Modern technologies have paved the way for Latin American offshore developers to take their talent pool to a global scale. They can now broaden their scope by creating business relationships overseas. Business structures in today’s state-of-affairs are in constant evolution, and now more than ever, the need for offshore remoteness is at its all-time high. […]

enero 19, 2021 Alexa Serra